Sell Note Videos

Here are some helpful videos that include important tips and suggestions from mortgage note experts.


Did you know that you call sell your real estate note for cash?  First National Acceptance Company, a pioneer in the note buying industry, has been purchasing privately held real estate notes since 1974.

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What is a Purchaser Interview

Learn more about what a purchaser interview is.

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What happens to your Purchaser?

One of the most common questions our analysts get from customers regarding their purchaser and if anything changes for them once they sell their note to FNAC.

This video explains it all!

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Selling your Real Estate Note- How Long Will it Take to Close

When selling your Real Estate Note to FNAC, how long does it take? Acquisitions Manager Will Henning is here to fill you in!

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Getting an Offer on your Real Estate Note- How Does it Work?

Unsure how to get started with the process of selling your real estate note? Check out the video below!

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Our Simple Process

We walk you through our simple and straightforward process.  From receiving your quote to closing we are professional staff is always ready to assist you.

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Why Is There a Discount?

In this short video, we explain what a discount is when selling a real estate note.  The concepts explained here are instrumental to helping you understand how to receive the best offer possible.  

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Nuestro Proceso es simple!

Si le interesa vender nota de hipoteca, ha venido al sitio correcto. Somos un comprador directo de contratos hipotecarios y hacemos la venta de contratos hipotecarios fácil. Está solo a unos pocos pasos para vender un contrato y recibir una gran oferta!

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